About Us

Gian Gianni is not your typical swimwear collection! This head-turning line is designed to be modern, stylish, and innovative. As designers we strive to create pieces that are unique and fashionable, all while incorporating the highest quality fabrics made in Italy. The line can be described as swimwear couture with a sexy twist. It is young, daring, and vibrant all at once. Our focus when designing each piece is to create something different and fun because that is what life is all about! We design swimwear that is not remotely similar to anything that is in the fashion industry because we desire our line to be one of a kind and our clients to have exclusive pieces.

Our inspiration for designs comes from the natural business idea that good quality and trendy pieces sell best. With this business model in mind, the recipe for our Gian Gianni line is simply that: creating pieces that will fit well, look good, and make a fashion statement. Our line Gian Gianni is everything to us, and precisely everything is what we put into designing each piece!

Try one, you will love them!